Who We Are

MMHP Food Sdn Bhd (MMHP Food) was incorporated in Malaysia on September 2022 as a central food processing centre and to facilitate the trading of food items to support the food & beverage business here. Our central kitchen is certified Halal. It is also HACCP, and MeSTI compliant in order to accommodate the current and future demands of the market.

We are skilled in producing a wide range of products - ready-to-eat dishes, pastes, sauces, meat, seasonings, condiments and etc.

Our recipes are well known and widely accepted throughout Asia because we use only the freshest and finest ingredients without adding artificial colouring or preservatives.

At MMHP Food, we aim to enable food & beverage operators to increase efficiency while maintaining quality, and most inportantly, delivering delicious meals for our customers.

Our Vision and Mission

MMHP Food aim to enable F&B operators to achieve efficient and profitable kitchen by offering semi-industrialized cooking methods to reduce labour-intensive and time consuming tasks.


MMHP Food aspires to be the trusted partner that drives sustainable growth for F&B operators by increasing the value in food industry through our skills and professionalism.


We aim to produce, sell and distribute a well-diversified portfolio of authentic recipes in convenient, nutritious and delicious.

MMHP Food provides innovative F&B solutions that meet your business needs.

Let us help you reach the maximum operational potential of your food and beverage business!

Opening your first Hotpot outlet? Trying to reduce costs for your restaurant? Or just looking to give your restaurant a makeover?

Whatever the challenge, you can trust MMHP Food to provide the best solutions for your business needs to grow and succeed.

Here's How MFSB Can Help

Concept Development


Recipe Creation


Product Tasting


Menu Design


Location Scouting


Staff Training


Culinary Training


Interior Design Assistance

Interior Design

Marketing Strategy


Procurement of Licenses

of Licenses

We believe that F&B business of all sizes should have access to affordable professional services that help them grow and adapt while maintaining culinary distinction.

Our Team & Promise

Our Team & Promise

Our team been involved in various F&B segments such as hotelier, restaurants, central kitchen, food manufacturing, research and development industries. By the talents and experience that we have, we can ensure our products delivered in fresh, high quality and standard.

Our Safety Policy

We are committed to produce and supply food that is safe and reliable, complying with statutory and regulatory requirements in order to meet merchant's and customer's needs.

We will demonstrate this commitment by practice the below: -

Establishing, implementing and maintaining good manufacturing practices and adopt the HACCP requirements

Consistently and continually improving our processes & products in line with new developments in food technology

Inculcating awareness and encouraging Food Safety culture in the workforce